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 Victory Centre is a vibrant Church, based on sound doctrine and where the focus is on living a practical Christian life in today's world.

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Children Department


The Children Ministry is the heartbeat of Victory Centre Swindon and our mission is to train up our children in the way of the LORD. 

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Community Outreach


We believe in making a difference by reaching out and sharing the love of our LORD JESUS to our communities. Our community activities include food banks, visiting and praying for those in need and  many more.

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Men's Department


 We recognise the need not only as men, but as Christian men to fulfil our roles as leaders by first setting the right examples for our families. 

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Women's Department


 The Anointed Women of Victory Centre Swindon are devoted, spiritually-minded and progressive group of women who love and are committed to the work of GOD and the building of GOD's  Kingdom.

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Youth Department


Victory Centre Youth are devoted to the complete development of our young people (Spiritually, physically and emotionally).

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The following are some of the inspirational messages at RCCG Victory Centre Swindon as inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT.

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Revelation 12 v 11: They overcame him by the BLOOD of the LAMB and by their testimonies. These are powerful testimonies of what the LORD JESUS had done through the power of the HOLY SPIRIT.

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